How Did Snooki Lose Weight – The Amazing Success Story

By | Sep 1, 2011

Snooki Thin

A couple of days ago the Jersey Shore actress Snooki had another famous appearance. During an event in Vegas she was dresse very sexy and showed her tummy to show the people what she has under her tight dress.

But whoever expected to see a fat belly, had to recognize, that the reality was way different. Snooki looked impressingly thin. Instead of a usual and a bit chubby body, she presented some well defined and very tight curves. During an interview with "US Weekly" she stated, that she has already lost 11 pounds. But this weight loss is a lot of hard work. She has changed her dietary habits and trains three times a week now. She had to switch from alcohol to healthy green tea.

This new attitude fits her future plans with her boyfriend Jionni LaValle with whom she could imagine to celebrate a marriage and have a family. Jionni seems to be partly responsible for Snookin working so hard for her new body. That's what a magazine says: "She's crazy about going to the fitness center, because her boyfriend Jionny is living a very healthy life. Now they go there together."

Having such a sportive boyfriend, Snooki doesn't want to be left behind: "I want to be as thin, as I was when I was a cheerleader at school."

And Snooki seems to be serious about that. Her strict workouts already show some great results. The pounds are melting – so now she CAN wear dresses as tight, as the one, she was wearing during her appearance in Vegas.

Just have a look at the difference between the ols and the new Snooki

Snooki before after weight Loss








Surely people like Snooki don't just start losing weight without knowing how to do that. But as a matter of fact, the most important thing, as she states is a change of attitude. "Losing weight is possible" is easy to say for people, who have already achieved their goals, but don't let celebrities saying things like "I can eat what I want" fool you. It IS hard work to lose weight, no matter how much help you have. You have to want it and you have to stick to your goals.

Snooki is for sure not the very best example, as there are others who have lost much more weight than her, but they all did it the same way. The key is: Will and work!

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